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Booked for AOA    Updated: 09 April 2014
If you are booked for AOA – Allocation on Arrival – can you please inform us which ward you are allocated to so that we can update our system. Failure to do so may result in delays to payments.
Uniform    Updated: 03 June 2014
Please remember that you must wear TNS uniform at all times when working a shift for Thornbury Nursing Services. It has recently been reported that this is not always the case, and is not acceptable.
Payroll Changes    Updated: 23 February 2015
Please be aware as of Wednesday February 25th your payslips will be emailed to you on a Wednesday morning. This will have no effect on when you are paid, but will allow our payroll team to better respond to your enquiries as soon as you receive your payslip on Wednesday. All enquiries are best directed to payroll who can be contacted on 0345 120 5333 Email
Payroll    Updated: 13 May 2015
Due to a technical issue you may have received two copies of this week’s payslip via email, if this is the case apologies for any inconvenience caused. This will not affect your pay which will be in your account on Thursday 14th May.
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